Eco-friendly Tips for Working from Home

If you’re now working from home, you may notice an uptick in your energy usage inside your apartment. Luckily, there are many ways to offset this. Here are a few ways to stay eco-friendly during your at-home 9-5.

Check Your Thermostat

At many offices, the building stays cool even when outside temperatures are melting the pavement. If you’re working from home, maintaining a similar indoor climate can be a budget-buster. Since the dress code for working for home is much looser, why not raise the thermostat a couple of degrees? You’re probably wearing shorts and flip-flops during those Zoom meetings, so once the camera is off, shed that dress shirt, turn off the AC, and crank up the fan.

Unplug Devices

Even if your phone isn’t plugged in or your TV is turned off, they’re still using power. Although each device is only using a trickle of electricity, all together they do have an impact on your monthly bill. Here are three ways to effectively starve those electron-suckers.

  • Rarely used small appliances like that bread maker and waffle iron should be unplugged.
  • Re-evaluate how often you’re playing the stereo too. Are you spinning those CDs or just shouting requests to Alexa? The same rules apply to the DVD player and spare TV.
  • Deploy smart power strips for your rechargeable devices. They will automatically turn off once the battery on your device is full. 
  • For other outlets in your home, consider using a more traditional surge protector. One swift click can eliminate any power drain caused by that massage chair, lamp, or gaming system. 

What’s Under the Fridge?

Letting the months slip by without removing the dust and dirt from around the coils of your refrigerator and air conditioner makes those big appliances use even more power. Dust or vacuum to remove any accumulations under or behind your fridge and be sure to replace the filters on your HVAC system monthly. 

Many workers enjoy the freedom that comes with working from home, but an increase in monthly utilities is far from enjoyable, for your wallet or the environment. A few simple steps can help help you save power for an eco-friendly work-from-home lifestyle. To learn more about green apartment living, contact us today.

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