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4 Window Tricks for Energy-Efficient Living

Eco-friendly living takes on many forms. Recycling, composting, and upcycling are great ways to get started, but the spotlight issue of green living is often energy use and energy efficiency. You can switch your lights off and keep the fridge door closed but heating and cooling your home will always be the primary electricity-eater in the house.

What you may not know is that a few window tricks can make a big difference for your utilities bill in the upcoming year. Today, we’re spotlighting four ways you can use your apartment’s windows to increase energy efficiency.

1. Soak Up the Sun on Winter Afternoons

When the winter days are chilly and your HVAC system is working hard to heat your apartment, open up your blinds. During the warmest part of the day when the sun floods in, soak up that sunlight. Let your house become a solar battery, blocking out the chilly air but soaking up as much of the sun’s warmth as possible.

2. Lower the Blinds to Stop the Summer Heat

Likewise, you can keep the heat out by blocking some of that sunshine during the summer. It may be beautiful outside, but the summer sun will quickly heat up any room. Lower your blinds on the hottest days until the sun goes down to reduce your cooling needs.

3. Line the Window with Pillows

In addition to blinds or curtains, you can fit an old pillow or a foam pad into the window frame. The more snug the fit, the more insulated the window will be. This not only blocks drafts around the window but also can prevent heat or cold from seeping through the glass.

4. Windowsill Draft Stoppers are Adorable and Effective

Finally, you can even repurpose a door draft stopper in your windowsill to reduce cold or heat permeating from the glass. These draft stoppers tend to be cute and kid-friendly, making for great windowsill decor in addition to improving your energy usage.

If you’re looking for more ways to live green in your apartment, check out our blog. It’s full of useful information, including everything from window tricks to eco-friendly tips for your dental routine. Contact us today for more great ideas and information about our green properties.

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