Why Choose An Eco-Friendly Apartment

Living green not only makes apartments more appealing to tenants, it involves landlords in a sustainable movement that is happening worldwide. One easy way to get involved with sustainable apartment complex design is landscaping. Creating a green space give renters a beautiful space that is eco-friendly and a place to enjoy. It can also provide some extra perks for landlords looking to lower costs.

Social Space

Many Americans enjoy the idea of outdoor living spaces. Renters can appreciate communal space in which some of their fellow tenants meet with each other. This creates an enjoyable environment, and potential for positive word-of-mouth to do some advertising for the complex. While this is ideal, not every complex may seem as if it has the space for spacious gardens. No need to worry: if you have a roof, there is a chance that you can also have a green space!

Lowering Costs

Low-maintenance landscapes can lower costs. The trick to achieving a low maintenance space is in the planning: opt for native species that are also helpful to the ecosystem and adaptable to those weather patterns. For example, hot climates may opt for a succulent garden while colder climates may choose to plant many evergreen plant varieties. Roof gardens could even lower temperature control expenditures through surface vegetation.

Reducing Pollution

A well-landscaped apartment complex also provides a place for animals such as migrating birds. This is especially helpful in urban locations where the majority of birds are crowding into parks. Trees, shrubs, and even water fixtures can provide a natural system for creating cleaner air. That’s right: many trees and grasses naturally filter toxins through their roots and leaves, lowering the immediate effects of air pollution. The EPA suggests using rain gardens, for example, to lower pollution.

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