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3 Delicious and Waste-Free Breakfast Recipes

Zero-waste or waste-free cooking minimizes cuttings and discarded pieces. Zero waste celebrates cooking and living your life without creating trash or wasting materials. While recycling and local composting can reduce your waste, the best way to enjoy a waste-free kitchen is with zero-waste recipes that are as delicious as they are eco-friendly. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not start there? Here are three of Western National‘s favorite waste-free breakfast recipes that are well worth a try.

1. Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are one of the best hand-meals ever invented. Often just egg and panfried potato chunks. you can put anything in a breakfast burrito and you don’t have to create any food waste doing it. You can quickly fry up leftover sausage and meats, a little leftover or fresh vegetables, and panfried potatoes rolled into a tortilla. You don’t even need a plate!

2. Fresh Fruit Oatmeal

Fresh oatmeal is surprisingly delicious and low-impact. Simmer a scoop of oats in water. Add brown sugar and a pinch of salt as the oats cook and cool with a splash of milk. Then layer cut fresh fruit into your oatmeal and sprinkle sugar gently over the lot. You will be amazed just how delicious oatmeal can be when blended with sugar and just the right balance of fresh-cut fruit — and without any waste.

3. Protein Breakfast Smoothie

You can put just about anything into a smoothie. Try blending up any less-than-pretty fresh fruits, a splash of milk, and a scoop of your favorite protein powder. This will be healthy, energizing, and help maintain your energy all the way to lunchtime.

Living green can be as delicious as it is satisfying. With these three waste-free breakfast recipes, you can start your day off right. Be sure to use fresh ingredients! For more green living insights or to find an eco-friendly apartment nearby, contact us today.

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