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3 Easy Ways to Use Less Gas Around Town

Aside from protecting the planet, living green also can have economical benefits. Reusing jars and containers means you have to buy less Tupperware. Using dish towels will save you a small fortune in paper towels over the years. But what about now, as the fuel prices rise and a high price tag at the gas station feels inevitable? Western National is here to help with a few clever ways to use less gas driving around town.

1. Get To Know Your Neighborhood Stores

Shop local — really local. Get to know the shops, parks, and venues that are closest to your home. You’ll reduce the gas you use on daily errands and it’s even easy to take care of a few things while out walking or on your bike. Even if you already have a few favorite stores further away from your home, give those closest to you another chance. You might like what you find.

2. Drive Gently Around Town

One of the best ways to save gasoline is to drive gently. Go easy on the accelerator and the break, trying to use your ongoing momentum as much as possible. Try to make the most of your coasting speed and lose as little acceleration to en-route braking as possible. You’ll be surprised just how much gas you can save by driving consciously.

3. Bicycle for Short Errands

When it’s time to save on gas, break out the bicycle. Whether you’re a pedaling pro or just getting started, a few loops around the block are both healthy and helpful. Add a basket up front or saddle baskets in the back to help carry a few essentials from the store back to your home.

When you implement these tips to use less gas, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your fuel spending. Be sure to bring reusable tote bags on your errands! Living in an apartment building that aligns with your eco-friendly values is important. To find out more about our green community, contact us today!

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