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Upcycle or Recycle? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

Upcycling materials is a fun way to embrace a green and sustainable lifestyle. Your plastic bottles can become planters, your old towels can become dish rags, and your worn-out clothes can become quilt squares. That old bedframe could frame pictures on the wall. But are you completing your upcycle projects or just collecting materials?

One of the biggest challenges of upcycling is knowing what to keep and what to give back to the recycling process. If you love to upcycle but don’t love collecting empty containers that never get used, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What Will I Use This For?

Don’t just look at the potential of an object, like a nice-sized plastic canister. Ask yourself what you’re going to use it for. Envision it as a birdhouse, a pillar in your handmade recycle-castle, a planter, or a piece of your next robot costume. Know what each piece of material is destined for. This will help you keep the best stuff and recycle anything that doesn’t have a clear purpose.

2. What Will it Take to Upcycle?

Ask yourself what the project will require. What other materials will you need to make your upcycle project a reality? How long will it take to complete your envisioned upcycle project? Is a weekend enough? This will give you a realistic view of which projects are practical and which might take too much time or need too many new materials.

3. Do I Have Time for the Project?

Speaking of your weekends, when do you complete your project? It’s important to budget your time wisely. Choose only your favorite upcycle projects to prioritize and discard anything you just don’t have time to finish.

4. Can I Make an Upcycle Project Plan?

When you’re confident about a great upcycle idea, dive into making a project plan. Outline the steps, the materials, and the time it will take. Then enjoy a wonderful, sustainable art project using your collection of upcycled materials.

Upcycling is one of the many joys of green living. To find more green living ideas or to explore apartment options that align with your eco-friendly lifestyle, contact us today!

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