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4 Ways to Upcycle Clothes and Towels

We often outlive our favorite clothes and most useful linens. Towels, dishcloths, and t-shirts are always wearing down and being replaced. But what can you do to avoid clothing and fabric waste? A t-shirt that is growing holes or a ragged towel may not be nice enough to use or give away, but the fabric still has some life to it. Here are some interesting ways to upcycle clothes and towels as part of your eco-friendly lifestyle at one of our Western National properties.

1. Make Pockets and Bags

Have your jeans started to rip? Most of that denim is still sturdy and useful, so fold it into pockets or handbags. A few stitches around a clamshell fold can create a versatile way to add pockets to just about anything. You can make a classic jean-pockets bag or sew patches of denim into pockets on other pants, shirts, and bags. Add dividers to an existing tote or hidden pockets to the inside of your jacket. Fold a large piece into a tote or a small piece into a coin purse. The possibilities are endless!

2. Cut New Cleaning Cloths

Dishcloths, dust rags, and cleaning cloths are in constant demand, especially when you’re trying to reduce your paper towel use. Cut old t-shirts and towels into new cleaning cloths of various sizes, weights, and lint capacities. Old t-shirts are perfect for polishing because they are soft and smooth, while old towels make great wash rags, especially if you reseal or stitch the edges.

3. Weave a Rag Rug

A rag rug is a beautiful piece of art made from scrap cloth. They make great welcome mats and bath mats or can be displayed on your wall. Rag rugs are comfy on bare feet and often very colorful. Sort your rags by color, rip them into even pieces, and weave them into a shaggy rug for your home.

4. Make a Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt

If you have favorite t-shirts that have seen their last wear, cut out the front panels and sew them into a t-shirt quilt. This can be a beautiful, useful, and cozy way to remember past adventures and preserve your favorite shirts before you wear them to pieces.

Upcycle clothes and towels and they’ll see two or three new lives with these handy techniques. To find an apartment community that enjoys green living as much as you do, contact us today.

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