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Travel the World, No Passport Needed

Did you know you can travel the world without leaving your apartment? You can experience the best the world has to offer without having to pack a bag, make travel arrangements, or even find your passport. All you have to do is settle on the sofa with a nice snack and check out the following four documentaries.

Our Planet

Our Planet is more than just a documentary. It is a global collaboration that showcases the world’s natural wonders. It is more than just one film. The series takes you from the Arctic wilderness to the jungles of South America.


 Terra highlights the connection between humans and nature. However, it examines this relationship in terms of natural history. The cinematography is spellbinding. The story, which begins without humans, evolves into how people fit in the larger picture of nature on earth.

Night On Earth

While most of us are asleep, there are communities in nature that only come alive at night. The docuseries Night On Earth takes us there and puts us right in the middle of the action. Using the newest low-light camera technology, we are able to see things previously unseen.

National Parks Adventure

One of the greatest things the U.S. has to offer is its National Parks. National Parks Adventure gives us an introduction to our national parks. It then takes us on an exciting journey through them. The diversity of the parks offers us a glimpse into how vast and varied our country is.

It is easier than ever to travel the world without increasing your carbon footprint. Watching these binge-worthy documentaries will take you all over the world to show you breathtaking scenes of nature. 

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