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3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Transform Your Wardrobe

As the new year rolls around, revitalizing your closet is a fun way to transition out of last year and ring in the new one with a fresh look. With these simple tips, you can learn how to transform your wardrobe while still living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

1.  Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast fashion can be found at countless stores in the mall, and while the prices are low, it’s still not worth it. These items typically last less than a year and usually rip and tear in less than a season of regular wear. Therefore, buying from these stores starts a never-ending cycle of regularly buying new clothes. Besides this, they often make their clothing out of toxic synthetic materials that create microfiber pollution as they are worn and washed. 

2. Never Throw Out Old Clothes

You should never throw away old clothes that no longer fit or aren’t in style anymore. If the clothes aren’t in good condition, you can recycle them as cleaning rags, sew them into tote bags, or even create something new. Another option is to donate to your local thrift store or charity. This is not only eco-friendly, but it also helps your community. Selling your clothes to local consignment shops or websites such as thredUP and Poshmark is also a great option that puts money back in your pocket.  

3. Buy Used

Speaking of second-hand stores, they’re also a great place to buy from. Not only are you preventing waste when you shop used, but the items are often much cheaper than new ones. When transforming your wardrobe, it is best to look for classic styles. When you buy timeless pieces, you won’t be replacing these clothes every year, which helps reduce your carbon footprint.

If you follow these easy tips, you can transform your wardrobe in no time while maintaining a green lifestyle. Be sure to explore our blog and contact us to learn more about sustainable apartment living.

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