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Use Your Toilet Paper Tubes to Start a Garden

Spring is upon us this year and many of us are looking for outdoor activities we can complete in our own gardens that are green. Well, if you’ve got a bunch of spare toilet paper tubes, then it might be time to turn them into something useful by starting an indoor or patio garden!

Step One: Prepare Your Tubes

To prepare a cardboard roll, cut one end into 3 centimeter strips. Once you’ve cut the base, fold them inward so that one end of the roll is totally closed off.  You can use a piece of masking tape to hold it in place if necessary, just remember to remove it before planting. Mark the side of the tube with what’s in it, and the date it was prepped so that you have a quick reference for later on.

Step Two: Load The Tube

Once your tubes are prepared, put soil, seeds, and water into them. The tube will darken to show that it’s moist, which takes a lot of the guess work out of preparing a planter.

Step Three: Wait

Once you have the tubes planted, set them up in a convenient place such as on a windowsill, or a balcony. Make sure they get plenty of sun, and that you follow the general instructions for the plants inside them.

Step Four: Plant

Once the plants begin to sprout, and the weather is holding, you can take the rolls (removing the masking tape from the bottom, if you used any to keep the rolls in place) and plant them directly in the ground. The cardboard will easily tear, breaking down as the plants grow.

While you’re at it, consider swapping in hemp toilet paper to put your green foot forward. Click here to see why.

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