Reduce & Reuse: Tips on Living Green

Whether you are just starting out or you have been living “green” for years, it does not matter. The goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle. It means reducing your carbon footprint so that you live an eco-friendly and low-impact life. Western National Property Management, a green living community, shares these goals. Curious on how you can get in on the latest trend to help preserve our planet? Here are some tips for how you can live greener:

The Kitchen: Queen of Green

The kitchen is the cleanest and the greenest part of the home. Table scraps are great reused as compost. Recycled cans and plastics can made into new products. You can make your own cleaners from natural ingredients. Just by doing a few little things, you can help preserve the atmosphere.

The Bathroom: Stop Flushing Money Down The Drain

Showering takes a great deal of water, as does flushing the commode. Set a timer and limit showers to fewer than 10 minutes. Also, you can install a water regulator to reduce the flow of water needed to flush the toilet. These steps can reduce water consumption.

Reuse Whenever Possible: Learn To Be Thrifty

You have probably seen people doing DIY projects making furniture from used pallets. Pallet furniture is green and costs so little to make. Before throwing out that old bed or dresser, think about repurposing it. A unique entertainment center can be made by removing the drawers from an old dresser and painting it a vivid color. Thinking outside of the box is a great way to come up with amazing creations.

Living green is really about being conscious about your actions. It is about growing your own food, not being wasteful and being mindful of tomorrow. Do you want an apartment complex that cares about green living? Please contact us for more information about your next environmentally-friendly home.

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