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5 Tips for Conserving Energy that Save Money Now

Working toward the greater good of our planet is a major effort and commitment. True, it isn’t always easy, but it is worthwhile. Saving money as a result of good intentions isn’t bad either. In fact, small adjustments really do add up. So here are five tips for conserving energy that also save money for your household!

Tips for Conserving Energy and Saving Money:

1. Raise your thermostat a few degrees during summer months

According to Southern California Edisonchanging the preset temperature one degree on your thermostat could save between 3-5% on air conditioning costs for every degree raised. Try setting the thermostat no lower than 78 degrees and higher if you can. Fans can help keep the air circulating on very warm days and the cost to run them is negligible. The result is immediate and will show up on your monthly electric bill.

2. Keep areas around vents clear and unobstructed

It’s simple: blocked vents cause less free flowing air from reaching its destination. Be sure there’s nothing in the way that could reduce the circulating air efficiency of your cooling and heating system. You could save $100 or more in both summer and winter months by removing carpet, furniture, or other objects blocking vents.

3. Power down DVR, cable, and home theater devices when not in use

Why? Because they operate at full power even when not in use! Plug all devices into one power strip so all will be turned off at once when not in use. Many other appliances commonly found in our homes use significant amounts of energy when plugged in and not used. Unplug these, too, and save even more!

4. Hand washing dishes is not energy efficient anymore

Most late model dishwashers use less water and energy than in prior years. Use the dishwasher with your needs in mind. Wait for a full load and choose the level that saves the most energy.

5. Use your electric utility website to monitor your daily use

You can view your own personal energy use by the year, month, day, and in some cases, even by the hour.

When you save energy and watch your bill drop in real time, it’s a great incentive. You’ll probably begin looking for even more ways to save both energy and money. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, do contact usWe look forward to hearing from you.


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