Removing the shoes To Be More Eco-Friendly

Be More Eco-Friendly With These 5 Tips

If you’ve ever tried to go on a diet, then you know that small changes maintained over a period of time can have a big impact on your life overall. The same is true when it comes to slimming down your environmental impact. Making and maintaining little changes in your lifestyle can do far more than big, flashy alterations that you only keep up for a little while. Here are a few of our favorite little things you can do to be more eco-friendly:

#1: Avoiding Your Oven

While cooking at home is a good way to minimize your calories and energy usage, your oven is also one of the highest-intensity energy users. To be more eco-friendly, try using alternatives like a toaster oven, a slow cooker, or even the microwave. This saves a great deal of energy. Plus, these options are often ideal for making smaller, individual meals.

#2: Take Off Your Shoes

It’s common courtesy in a lot of homes to take your shoes off at the door, but if you’re not doing it you might be tracking in all sorts of unwanted materials. Keeping your shoes in a wall cubby near the door ensures less spreading of contaminants in your home, and minimizes the time, energy, and power you’ll spend cleaning up messes. If you want house shoes, make sure you don’t go outside in them!

#3: Purchase Green Power

We all have to get power from our utility companies, but many of them have a green energy program you can participate in. This often costs only a few dollars more per month, and it helps you make a local difference in how energy is produced in addition to how you consume.

#4: Let Food Cool Before Putting it in The Fridge

Don’t be too eager to pack up your leftovers. If your food is still warm when you put it in your refrigerator, as Green Living Tips points out, then it will take energy to cool it down. Let that leftover lasagna cool down before you slide it into the fridge.

#5: Focus on Experiences Over Stuff

Psychology says that we’re happier when we spend our money on memories over things. If you find yourself shopping for recreational purposes, then consider seeking out a new experience over an object. A museum trip, a local stage show, an outdoor movie theater night, etc. These things will stick with you longer, and won’t clutter up your closet.

Learn More Eco-Friendly Tips

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