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Going Paperless in the Kitchen

Going paperless in the kitchen is a step in the right direction if your desire is to create a zero-waste household. Disposable napkins and paper towels are often marketed as the best and most convenient solution, but they are a costly and wasteful problem, that can be solved through the use of reusable cloth.  

Why stop using disposable paper products in the kitchen?

If want to keep your kitchen clean and green, you can create less waste and spend less money by going paperless. You do not need paper napkins, paper towels, or disposable cleaning wipes, replace all of these items with reusable cloth.  

Is this a costly solution?

Think of how much you currently spend on paper napkins each week, add paper towels and disposable cleaning wipes to that total. If you buy cloth alternatives you may spend more upfront but you will save in the long run.

Want to save even more?

Instead of buying new, reusable cloth, repurpose old fabric from around the house. Simply cut down old fabric into the sizes you need. You can use old cotton t-shirts as paper towel replacements, old bath towels for great dish rags, and old pillowcases as reusable napkins.  

Does going paper-free waste more water?

Quite a bit of water is used in the manufacture of disposable paper products used in kitchens, you do not have to contribute to this waste of water. Add these reusable items to the same load of laundry used when washing things like bath towels.  

Now that you have cut back on paper in your kitchen, you’ll want to cut down on plastic in your kitchen too!  

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