Apartment Farming: No Yard, No Problem

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to kick start a more sustainable lifestyle. Luckily, you don’t need a huge yard or plot of land. A sunny window or apartment balcony will do just fine. Apartment farming is a great way to encourage healthy eating, save money, and know exactly where your food is […]

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3 Ideas For Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re someone who thinks a lot about sustainability, you may already be wracking your mind for eco-friendly Halloween costumes. Luckily, there are tons of awesome and creative costumes out there that are also sustainable. We’ve got a few fun ideas for you right here! 1. Upcycle Old Costumes Upcycling […]

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natural light in the home

Staying Green While Staying Home

Being mindful of the environment while at home for longer periods of time can be a challenge. You may find that your lights are on for longer, that your desire for comfort means a thermostat set at the perfect temperature, and that your snack cravings have peaked. All of these things may mean a larger […]

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