egg scramble on toast | no-waste recipes

5 No-Waste Recipes to Try at Home

Throwing out leftovers always feels like doing something wrong. Surely there’s some use for that last spear of broccoli or that last shred of steak trimmings! It’s a shame to let good food go bad, even if you don’t have a whole recipe planned to use all the random bits left after each previous recipe […]

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pumpkin soup | autumn decor

Pumpkins: Autumn Decor You Can Eat

Pumpkins make for great fall decorations at your Western National apartment, but eventually, they’ll need to be disposed of. We have a suggestion — eat them! As long as you choose the right varieties of pumpkin, you can enjoy your autumn decor and eat it, too. The Best Pumpkin Varieties for Eating These are some […]

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