couple-loading-laundry into washer and dryer | laundry day

5 Tips for Saving Water and Energy on Laundry Day

Sadly, laundry is among the most energy- and water-consuming chores in a household, but skipping laundry day is rarely a good option. Fortunately, Western National is here for you. We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to make laundry day a little more friendly for the earth and your wallet. 1. Only Wash a […]

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young couple utilizing energy-saving tips with a programmed thermostat

Energy-Saving Tips for Green Lifestyles

Utility bills are a fact of life, but there are little changes that can decrease your expenditures and help you become energy efficient. Drafts, wasting water, and poor climate control all contribute to how much energy and money you spend. Check out our favorite energy-saving tips for fast and easy ways to cut costs and […]

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concept image of energy efficiency in home

3 Simple Tips to Increase Energy Efficiency

Most of us don’t stop to consider how many resources we waste on any given day. However, as eco-friendly living and energy efficiency become more important to us, we may need to take a few moments and make some changes. Luckily, reining in our inefficiencies doesn’t require a lot of effort. A few minor changes […]

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