vinegar for cleaning

The Green and Affordable Alternative to Household Products

Distilled white vinegar is 5% acetic acid and 95% water. According to The Spruce, the acidic content of the solution creates “a hostile environment for microorganisms.” The result is distilled white vinegar, an unbelievably versatile solution capable of replacing the need for dozens of expensive, environmentally unfriendly household products. Here are just a few valuable tips […]

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5 Decorating Tips for Eco-Friendly Living

Are you looking to lead a more earth-friendly lifestyle? One way you can become more eco-friendly is in your décor choices. Read on for some great eco-friendly decorating tips. Choose Natural Fibers When buying mattresses, bedding, towels, and rugs, look for eco-friendly, sustainable fibers, such as hemp and cotton. These are not only better for […]

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3 Unique Houseplants For Your Apartment

When choosing plants for your apartment, think about where that plant grows in nature and if your apartment can offer similar conditions. It’s more than just the lively green colors and fresh scents with which they will fill your home; plants add oxygen to the air while removing pollutants. For instance, most cacti live in hot, dry areas with […]

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