3 Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts & Skip the Waste

With the holidays fast approaching, the shopping season is officially warming up. Before you run to the store to stock up on wrapping paper, consider some eco-friendly ways to conceal your gifts! Here are a few we’ve rounded together.

1. A Fabric Tradition

Wrappr creates biodegradable fabrics with a fun twist! In 2017, a new mom founded this company that specializes in no-waste gift wrap. There are instructions inside so your recipient can keep the Wrappr and use it on the next gift they give someone. Or, after the holidays, the Wrapper can be reused as a face covering or a grocery bag. Additionally, their shipping boxes are recyclable and can be used as part of the gift.

2. The Nonprofit Fair Trade Way

This year, consider wrapping your holiday gift in a new shopping tote made of eco-friendly renewable resources. Check out burlap and canvas customizable totes from The Little Market, a nonprofit fair trade shop. You can tie on a snip of pine, a cinnamon stick, or a sprig of holly for some festive cheer. Not only will you have eliminated wrapping paper waste, but you’ll also be giving your friend or family member a tote that’s perfect for their next trip to the grocery store.

If you’d like to rid your life of plastic bags, here are 5 ways to start.

3. Vintage Hugs

Finally, check out a local antique or resale shop for linens, travel maps, scarves, or shawls. Keep your eyes peeled for vintage notions such as velvet ribbons and bias tape that you can use to tie a lovely bow. Or, add a small ceramic knick-knack to the top of the package with a bit of hot glue or a glue dot. You’ll be gifting your friends and family members a cozy vintage feeling along with their presents. Who knows what unique memories your one-of-a-kind packages might prompt?

American shoppers annually spend over 12 billion dollars on gift wrap, only to crumple it all up and throw it away. It’s time to break that cycle. Reduce unnecessary waste and switch to eco-friendly, elegant holiday trimmings that keep on giving.

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