Sustainable Living For Your Local Lifestyle

At Western National, we know that sustainable living can save you money, time and effort – not to mention its benefits on the environment. If you’ve been looking for some ways to get a little more adjusted to this kind of lifestyle, here are 3 suggestions:

Tip #1: Get Serious About Re-Usable Shopping Bags

The sheer amount of plastic that gets used on shopping bags is mind-boggling. Think of that drawer you have at home that is full of small shopping bags. Now multiply that by everyone who lives in a first-world country. Now, imagine if tomorrow we all brought our own bags to the store, and there was no more need for the millions of tons of plastic that is wasted each and every day. It’s probably a thought you’ve had before, but it’s just such a pain to remember your bag.

Treat your reusable bag like it’s part of your daily routine. Keep one near your door, where you have to walk past it on your way out. Keep one in your car as a back-up. Put it at the top of your list when you go shopping so you remember to grab it. It’s a minor lifestyle change, but it’s one that can make a huge difference over the long-term.

Tip #2: Use That Water From Your Shower

You know how, before you take a shower, you have to wait for a while for the water to get hot? That’s water you’re paying for that you’re not using. So, why not put it to use? If you collect that water in a bucket you can use it for all sorts of household needs, like mopping the floor, filling your humidifier, or just watering your flower garden.

Tip #3: Buy Local

While it’s often used as a political rallying cry, buying from your local area can make a big difference. While it supports your area’s economy, it also makes an impact on the rest of the world because you are shortening the supply chain. If you get vegetables from the local farmer’s market, then those vegetables only had to move a dozen miles or so to your kitchen. If you buy them from a big box store, you could be paying for something that had to be trucked across the country.

For more great life hacks you can use to cut down on the waste you generate, and live a cleaner, greener life, simply contact us today!

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