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4 Green Ways to Feel Like You’re on Summer Vacation

Summer is a great time for some low-impact relaxation. There’s nothing like a warm sunbeam to make you want to stretch out and enjoy the day. For eco-friendly residents of Western National properties, summer is an opportunity to embrace the vibrancy of mother nature in both the thriving greenery and the warm sunshine. Of course, with a busy schedule, sometimes it’s hard to actually stop and enjoy it.  If you’ve been struggling to catch that summer vacation feeling, it’s really just around the corner. Take an afternoon or a weekend to try some of our favorite ways to take a little green summer vacation this year.

1. Bask in a Sunbeam

When you want to relax and enjoy the warm weather, lay out on your lawn chair or oversized beach towel and lounge in the best sunbeam you can find. Slip on your shades, apply sunscreen, and soak up the sun. This is a great way to relax your muscles and charge up your bones with natural heat. For those of us who love plants and all things green, a good sunbeam is also a perfect way to become one with nature — with or without chlorophyll.

2. Mix Some Homemade Sweet Lemonade

It couldn’t be easier to make your own lemonade. Experiment to find the right mixture of water, sugar, and lemon to make the perfect at-home summer drink. Not only are you making something delicious and hydrating, you’re also saving the planet by getting your cold sugar fix from a mixed pitcher instead of individual plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

3. Buy Second-Hand Summer Clothes

Nothing makes it feel more like summer than a few brightly colored shirts. Whether you crave the floral designs of a Hawaiian shirt or the swirls of tie-dye, adventure out into the world and buy second hand. Thrift shops and charities offer an eco-friendly shopping experience, and they also have some of the best summer shirts around.

4. Play Games on a Grassy Lawn

Find a grassy lawn with lush blades of green grass and dive into your favorite activity. Bring your frisbee and a friend, bring your kite and play alone, or bring a team and break out into an impromptu game of softball or soccer. The joy of a grassy lawn is free! We all have warm summer memories that come to life tumbling together over the grass.

While you enjoy your mini summer vacation, remember to conserve water!

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