Jump-Start Your Spring Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

We are quickly approaching the end of winter and the start of spring. As the weather warms up, our minds will inevitably turn toward our annual spring cleaning goals. This year, use these simple eco-friendly cleaning tips to turn your cleaning routine into an earth-friendly project!


Cleaning Product Overhaul

To begin with, take stock of your cleaning supplies. Many commercial cleaning brands contain abrasive chemicals and other ingredients that are bad for the environment as well as your health. Luckily, there are many all-natural cleaning products available. Check the ingredients before you buy! The best brands will list all ingredients and indicate whether they are natural or synthetic.

Another great option: make your own cleaning solutions! With a few common household items like vinegar, baking soda, and olive oil, you can make cleaning products that are effective and cheap. Try these recipes to get started:


  • Mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 quart of water for a glass cleaner.
  • Combine 2 parts vinegar, 1 part baking soda and 4 parts water to clean countertops and tile.
  • Blend 4 cups of white distilled vinegar with a gallon of hot water for a floor cleaner.
  • For an all-natural wood polish, combine equal parts lemon juice and olive oil.

*Add a few drops of essential oil to any of these combinations for a clean, healthy fragrance*


Invest in Reusable Supplies

Some of the most wasteful cleaning tools are the products we use to wipe up our messes. Instead of adding unnecessary waste to your local landfill, invest in a reusable mop and stock up on microfiber cloths.

Single-use mop pads and paper towels create unnecessary waste. Head over to your local health food store and pick up a reusable mop. When you finish cleaning, you can throw the pad in the wash or hand wash it in your sink. Picking up a few microfiber cloths for all your wiping and scrubbing is also a great eco-friendly option. These cloths often do a better job than paper towels, and you’ll save cash, trees, and unnecessary waste!

Do you have any favorite eco-friendly cleaning tips? We’d love to hear them! Please contact us today. At Western National Property Managment going green is a way of life.

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