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4 Ways to Enjoy Solar Power in Your Apartment

Many people think that apartment residents can’t make use of solar panels, but you don’t even need roof access to harness solar energy. There are a variety of solar gadgets that you can use in a windowsill or the nearby park to enhance your green lifestyle. Here are four great ways to use solar power that every apartment resident can enjoy.

1. Windowsill Solar Charging Station

Charging your phone and other devices can use a lot of power, but you could be charging straight off the sun. A windowsill solar box is topped with a powerful little panel that charges up a battery inside. That battery can then be used to plug in your phone and any number of other small devices. You can even find decorative windowsill chargers shaped like jewelry boxes, trees, and handy device stands.

2. Sun-Charged Balcony and Porch Lighting

If you want more lighting on your front porch or side balcony, go solar! Solar-powered outdoor lights charge during the day and light up when they sense the sun’s energy fading in the evening. Place hanging lamps and seated solar lanterns to enjoy sunlight in the nighttime.

3. Decorative Potted Plant Spinners

One of the simplest and most beautiful solar gadgets is the garden spinner. Made of thin colored plastic (or glass) and a small solar-powered motor, these little gadgets stick into your windowsill planter pots and spin, refracting sunlight in their pinwheels while using their absorbed power from the sun.

4. Solar Picnic Panels

Last but not least, don’t forget about picnics. You can take a charger box or get a fold-out set of portable solar panels. With a picnic-ready solar charging station, you can take your phone, laptop, and Bluetooth speakers to any grassy stretch and turn it into a party in the sunshine at a nearby park.

From harnessing solar power to reusing cardboard boxes, our blog is full of tips for sustainable living. Contact us at Western National for more information about eco-friendly apartment living.

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