A hand throwing crumpled paper into an overflowing recycling bin. Reduce paper impact.

Save Trees By Reducing Your Paper Impact at Home

It’s easy to take paper for granted and forget about the processes required to create it, print on it, and then ship it.

We forget about the forests taken apart, tree by tree. We don’t think about the gasoline used to haul the giant fallen logs, and we rarely consider the chemicals used to make the ink.

But it’s not too late for us to consider the impact of our usage of paper products.

Start with paperboard

The boxes in our pantries are made from paper, too. We can take steps to reduce our usage of paperboard by:

  • Buying in bulk. Whenever possible, we can shop from bulk bins to cut down on extra packaging. We can also purchase cereals and pasta in larger bags that eliminate the paperboard packaging. 
  • Buying larger boxes. When we purchase larger paperboard boxes, we cut down on our need to visit the store and purchase yet another paperboard box. Always buy the largest possible boxes of cereal, snacks, and tissues when you know you’ll use them.
  • Recycle when available. Many localities offer paperboard recycling. If this option is available to you, take advantage of it, and keep the paperboard clean, dry, and grease-free, so it can be properly processed.

Update your mailbox

The amount of “junk mail” that passes into our homes is truly astounding. From catalogs you didn’t order to unsolicited bank offers, to loads of circulars… you can literally eliminate your usage of paper elsewhere and still be faced with the problem of excess paper.

But you don’t have to be a passive recipient of all this junk. You can start by:

  • Opting out of offers of insurance and/or credit. Stop all of the unsolicited offers by visiting this Federal Trade Commission site. You’ll save trees and the aggravation of having to shred one more thing.
  • Contacting companies directly to remove you from their mailing lists. You might have to do it more than once to send the message.
  • Not adding your address to mailing lists. Don’t give out your address unless you really have to; otherwise, your mailbox will overflow soon enough.

At Western National Property Management, we care about the environment, and we take measures to reduce our own impact on Earth’s natural resources. Contact us for more information today about living in one of our environmentally-conscious properties.

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