Save energy while cooking at home with these tips!

Green Living: How to Save Energy While Cooking

Do you like to cook at home? That’s great! All of those takeout containers would otherwise add up to harmful piles of plastic. Additionally, as you make the choice to cook at home, you’ll reduce the vehicle emissions that would otherwise enter the atmosphere from all that extra driving. The good news is, you can promote your green living lifestyle by finding ways to save energy while cooking!

In fact, let’s head on over to the kitchen and talk about the things you can do to make your cooking experience even kinder to the Earth.

3 Ways to Save Energy While Cooking

Use Your Microwave

Guess what? Your microwave can save startlingly large amounts of energy. Scientific American reports that a microwave oven can save as much as 80% in re-heating or cooking small portions of food, as compared with a conventional oven.

Typically, microwaves are associated with preservative-laden or heavily-processed fare. However, you can certainly use your microwave to cook an assortment of healthy foods. Watch this video for tips on how to cook vegetables perfectly in your microwave.

Cook Batches of Food in Your Oven

If you need to feed a crowd, or if you want to prepare your own food to freeze and save, try to use your oven to its potential. Throw in a lasagna and some potatoes on the next rack. Make a pan of roasted veggies, and cook the chicken at the same time.

Cooking in batches will not only save in energy expenditures but with advance meal prep, you’ll enjoy having food available for your busy lifestyle.

Put the Food in ASAP

Forget about waiting for your oven to preheat; put those potatoes in as soon as you turn your oven on. It may not be “roasting ready” yet, but you’ll capture some of the energy that would otherwise be lost.

Most roasting recipes will turn out just fine with this method. Simply ensure that your food reaches a food-safe temperature before consuming.

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