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4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Reuse Styrofoam

Styrofoam is one of the least eco-friendly materials on the planet. It takes up space in landfills and never bio-degrades. While we are slowly moving away from using styrofoam as a material, there are still millions of products that come in styrofoam padding as well as packages sent with packing peanuts. Fortunately, when you get a shipment of styrofoam slabs or puffs that don’t want to send to the landfill, you can just reuse it! Here are four fun and eco-friendly ways to reuse styrofoam.

1. Pad the Bottom of Heavy Potting Planters

Large pottery planters are sometimes too big to handle. If you fill them completely with dirt before planting, they may be too heavy and impossible to move. If your plant only needs some of that soil space, fill the bottom with styrofoam for a lightweight fill that your plant and soil can sit on top of.

2. Sack and Reuse as Packing Padding

If you have packages to send, reuse styrofoam to keep the contents safe. Because styrofoam doesn’t degrade, you can use it for protective packaging over and over again. Be sure the recipient of your package is ready to reuse it as well!

3. Carve or Mold It Into Props

Styrofoam is great for props or project models. In fact, it used to be the go-to material for theater props and fake caves. It can be carved into building and terrain models both on a large scale and for things like dioramas and model boards. Keep slabs of styrofoam for fun projects and home fort construction.

Styrofoam doesn’t have to be an environmental disaster. Simply keep it in use with these fun and simple tricks. Check out our blog for more tips on going green, like these ideas for an eco-friendly workout routine, and sure to contact us for more information about sustainable apartment living.

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