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Green Living Tips: 4 Ways You Can Reuse Coffee Grounds Around Your Home

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, then you already know how fast your used coffee grounds can pile up. Instead of just throwing them away, you can find all sorts of new purposes for them around the house! Here are some great ways to reuse coffee grounds.

De-Odorize Problem Areas

Coffee grounds have a strong smell, but they’re also a powerful deodorizer. If you have odor problems with your trash can, for example, then you can sprinkle some coffee grounds in the bottom of the can to help fight off any bad smells from clinging, according to Morning Chores. A bowl of coffee grounds near a litter box or tucked into a closet can prevent things from getting musty.

Clean Caked-On Dishes

If you have dishes or pans that just aren’t responding to traditional soaps, try sprinkling some used coffee grounds on them. As Coffee In My Veins points out, the grounds are naturally abrasive, and they will help you scrub out thick grease and other tough-to-remove foods. This strategy can also be used to clean your counters, though you should do a test patch first to be sure there won’t be any adverse reactions.

Food Flavoring

For those who like to cook, used grounds will work just as well as fresh ones in most recipes according to Money Crashers. So, try to reuse coffee grounds the next time you’re making a coffee dry rub, or you want to add some grounds to a chocolate recipe you’re working on.

Face and Body Scrub

Exfoliating is important, but if you have coffee grounds on-hand then you don’t need fancy, store-bought scrubs. Just rub some coffee grounds on your skin in the shower, and rinse them off with cool water. It will scrub the dead skin off your body and leave you feeling fresh.

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