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3 Reusable Materials for Your Next Art Project

Whether you want to try your hand at making something creative or have been pursuing art for years, every artist could do with a bit of inspiration. Here at Western National, we recommend finding some reusable materials you already have lying around the house. These art materials will help you both go green and get some new inspiration at the same time.

1. Old Clothes

When clothes become tattered, ripped, or are the wrong size, it’s often tempting to just throw them out. In a given year, some estimates say that each consumer will throw away an average of 70 pounds of clothing each year. Besides donating your old clothes to thrift shops, you can use them in a variety of art projects including sewing and quilting. One artist in Finland even uses old clothing to make landscape pieces. When it comes to giving clothes a new lease on life through art, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

2. Newspapers

You might be familiar with papier-mache, an artform commonly used for school projects. However, some artists have taken their newspapers and gone above and beyond, creating masterpiece canvases using newspaper clippings and ink. You can even paint on top of the newspaper, meaning you won’t have to constantly buy paper from the store. You can save money and help the environment in the process.

3. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles aren’t necessarily common for art projects. But if you have plenty of plastic bottles lying around, you might be looking for a way to get a second use out of them. Plastic bottles can be used to create magnificent sculptures, like chandeliers, animals, and more. You can even put paint inside the bottles, screw the cap on tightly, and shake it up to experiment with using different colored bottles in your new piece.

Getting crafty with reusable materials is a great way to reduce stress and take a step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’re interested in other ways to pursue green apartment living, contact us at Western National today.

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