reduce waste while grocery shopping

5 Ways to Reduce Waste While Grocery Shopping

Going grocery shopping is one of those things you want to get done as quickly as possible. Consequently, we don’t really think about all of the waste we accumulate from purchasing those easy to grab, pre-packaged products. Although, creating less waste while grocery shopping can be a very simple task if we make these five simple changes.

Buy Fresh Produce

Fresh produce is not only more healthy and nutritious, but it also gets rid of the waste from packaging. Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables are really convenient, but fresh produce can be just as convenient. Only grab as much produce as you will need for that week and put it inside reusable cloth bags.

If you don’t have reusable cloth bags, throw it freely into your cart. You’re going to wash it when you get home anyway!

Bring Reusable Bags

Bringing reusable shopping bags is obvious, but you can also bring reusable bags for so much more! You can find most things in your grocery stores bakery, produce section, or bulk section without packaging.

Purchase many cloth bags to put produce in, loaves of bread, nuts, and other items that can be bought fresh or in bulk.

Buy in Bulk

Most grocery stores have an aisle where you can buy food in bulk. This is where you can fill your own bag full of whatever ingredient you’re needing. You can usually find things like nuts, oats, grains, and coffee in bulk. Sometimes it’s even cheaper than buying it prepackaged.

Bring Reusable Containers

Bringing reusable, airtight containers may also be useful while grocery shopping, especially if you eat meat and cheese. You can bring your own glass jars or food storage containers to have the deli weigh and package your meat in that rather than the single-use, styrofoam plate.

In fact, they’ll zero out the scale with your container already on it so that you are only getting charged for the food inside.

Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you must buy prepackaged foods, such as milk and eggs, aim for packaging that is more eco-friendly. Cardboard cartons, glass containers, and metal packaging are much better than single-use plastic packaging. Remember, plastic never biodegrades, whereas these other products eventually will.

Use these handy grocery shopping tactics and watch your waste diminish. For more tips and tricks on how to reduce waste, contact us today!

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