Single-use plastic bottles organized on a shelf in the shower

3 Ways to Reduce Single-Use Plastic in Your Bathroom

People everywhere are starting to wake up to the reality that our plastic consumption is harming our environment. Not only are our landfills overflowing, but our oceans are filling up with single-use plastic that can take over 400 years to disintegrate. Single-use plastic products are found in everyone’s home, especially in the bathroom.

Looking around your bathroom, you probably notice toothpaste containers, toothbrushes, and shampoo bottles all made from single-use plastic. When you start to think about how many of these products you buy in a year it adds up fast for your budget and for your landfill. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to help reduce single-use plastic in your bathroom. 

Buy in Bulk 

You can easily reduce your single-use plastic consumption when you buy your shampoo and conditioner in bulk. Bring your own glass jar to fill up with the goods you need. Many food co-ops offer shampoo, conditioner, and even lotion to be purchased in bulk. This helps you knock out three items that use a lot of single-use plastic in their packaging. 

Make Your Own

Ever wondered how to make your own toothpaste, makeup, or deodorant? All of these products come in single-use packaging that can end up in your local landfill. There are wonderful recipes online to help you get started with creating your own products and how to mindfully package them. Making your own products not only allows you to know exactly what is in your products, but it also allows you to make your home more eco-friendly. You can even make a party out of it and invite your friends to make bulk batches and cut on costs! 

Look for Alternatives

If making your own products seems too labor-intensive, you can always look for products without single-use plastic. When it comes to teeth-cleaning you can easily see how often you use plastic. Whether you are flossing or brushing, you are using single-use plastics. There are some wonderful alternatives out there to make your teeth-cleaning routine plastic-free.

Toothbrushes made from bamboo are a more sustainable option than your regular plastic toothbrush. Tooth powder can replace your toothpaste that so often comes in plastic packaging and silk floss is the perfect alternative to plastic floss. Caring for your teeth and the environment at the same time is worth smiling about. 

These tips are just a few ways to reduce single-use plastic in your bathroom. If you are looking for more ways to make your home eco-friendly, contact us today

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