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Reduce Plastic Trash With These Tips

Apartment residents are familiar with the reality that they must take frequent trips to the community dumpster. A major culprit filling your trash is plastic, but you can fight back with these tips to reduce and reuse plastic trash. Your efforts to live a greener lifestyle can decrease the number of trash-runs you take each week.

Reduce Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is difficult to avoid completely. Whenever you avoid purchasing something packaged in plastic, though, you reduce the amount of plastic you contribute to your local landfill. When you are at the store deciding what to buy, make sure that the type of packaging is one of the factors you consider.

Reduce the Plastic Products

Many of the products we purchase on a regular basis are made of plastic, but they don’t have to be. It is easy to find lots of products made of more sustainable materials, especially if you shop online.

Instead of picking up a plastic toothbrush in the store, there are many bamboo toothbrush options online. Reduce the plastic products you purchase by selecting reusable items. Instead of covering your food dishes with a plastic wrap you will throw away after a single use, search online for products which you can reuse over-and-over, such as Beeswrap or a safety razor.

Take inventory of the plastic products you find yourself throwing away. Then simply check online to see if you can find something reusable which fills the same need.

Reuse Plastic

Cutting plastic out of your life completely is tricky, so think of ways to get more than the single use out of a plastic container before you throw it away. Even one extra use keeps it out of the trash another day. Many plastic food containers can be reused to store leftovers.

Check the number inside the recycle symbol to know which ones are safe for reuse. You may reuse numbers 2, 4, and 5. Also, consider ways to use plastic containers to store non-food items.

Reuse Non-Plastic Items

When you make a purchase decision, take into consideration how you can reuse the other types of material containers. Things which are made of natural materials such as glass, wood, and metal are usually versatile. They also hold up under much more use than plastic products do.

Consider drinks that come in a glass bottle as an example. They may cost a bit more than the drink that comes in a plastic bottle, but you are buying the drink you want plus a bottle that you can reuse without fear of plastic leaching into your water in the future.

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