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Utilize These Tips to Reduce Paper Waste

It’s easy for paper waste to pile up and you may be trying to figure out how to reduce the amount, but it’s hard to find a starting point. Luckily, Western National is here to help. Here are three tips to reduce paper waste and jumpstart a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Paperless Statements

These days, most companies are offering paperless billing. With this system in place, you will receive far fewer pieces of paper in the mail. You won’t have to throw away the envelope that the bill comes in or shred the bill itself, the company will simply email you when your statement is ready to view online. You also no longer have to worry about buying stamps or envelopes to mail in a check — you can pay right on the website. This is an easy way to cut down on paper waste while saving time in the process.

2. Using Paper

Having to use paper is inevitable, but there are ways to use less of it. When you do have to write or print something, use both sides of the sheet instead of just one. You can also buy recycled paper at many major retailers. This helps reduce the number of trees needed to make paper. Another tip is instead of mailing letters, make a phone call or send a text or email instead.  Finally, place recycling bins by your workspace or in high traffic areas to make recycling easier.

3. Subscriptions

To cut down even more on paper waste, cancel subscriptions you don’t need. This can include newspapers, magazines, phone books, and newsletters. You can easily remove your name from mailing lists online. You can even continue to receive many subscriptions by email.

Reduce paper waste today when you follow these simple tips for a more sustainable lifestyle. To get into the spirit of the holiday season, check out our guide to eco-friendly gifts, and for more green tips, contact us today.

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