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4 Unexpected Ways to Reduce Electricity Consumption

Are you looking for unique ways to cut back on your energy output? We have four fun, unexpected, and useful tips to help you go even greener this year.

1. Put Jugs of Water in Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators are designed to chill a full compartment of food and beverages. If you’re practicing practical living and don’t keep your fridge stuffed, you might be losing electricity keeping it cool.

One neat trick is to place full jugs of water into a partially empty refrigerator. Once the water cools, the water acts as cold-batteries for the fridge. Your refrigerator will then use less electricity to maintain your desired level of cold.

2. Use Wool Dryer Balls in the Dryer

Dryers have to run until the clothes are dry. In addition, modern smart-dryers can sense when your clothes aren’t done yet. The longer and harder your dryer has to run to dry clothes, the more electricity you use — and dryers are serious energy-hogs. Beyond regularly cleaning the lint trap, the true trick is inside the chamber.

Throw a few wool dryer balls in with your load. These reduce static and increase the space between clothes so they fluff and dry faster, meaning less overall dryer time.

3. Switch Off the Power Strip

Phantom Load occurs when appliances use electricity even when they are switched off. This can be caused by standby mode or a simple inefficient circuit. To cut phantom load out of your energy bill, switch off unused appliances at the power strip or pull the plug instead of just hitting the appliance power button.

4. Recharge with Windowsill Solar

There’s no need to recharge your batteries and cellphones using household power when you get yourself a solar recharger that can sit in the windowsill. These little power banks generate free electricity that can be used for rechargeable batteries and mobile devices without adding to your utility bills.

When you’re ready for green apartment living, we can help! Contact us today for more green living insights, from ways to reduce electricity consumption to creative projects that reuse cardboard boxes, or to find the perfect apartment home for your sustainable lifestyle.

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