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Recycle Your Old Cell Phone in 2018

If you gifted or received a new smartphone for the holidays, you may be wondering what to do with the older phone now. Many people are experienced with replacing newer, late model smartphones but often resort to junk drawers and trash cans for their older models.

Only about 10% of our cells are really recycled. Where do they go? Many remain hidden in a desk drawer or some other forgotten place. More often, they find their way into the trash and end up in landfills. If you aren’t sure about what to do with your now old cell phone, don’t toss it. Here are a few tips for your consideration.

Give it to a Family Member or Friend

If you have already given your older phone to a family member or friend, that’s a great way to recycle. Teenagers, grandparents, or other family members may really benefit from having a phone you’re personally acquainted with. This could be a great gift for those looking for their first phone or those who need a cell for convenience only.

Donate It

If you’ve donated your phone to someone in need, even better. There are many agencies who specialize in pairing people in need with donated phones; one of our favorites is Cell Phones for Soldiers. 

Consider This…

According to earth911.com, the US sends 135 million cell phones to landfills every year. The phones and their batteries contain metals such as lithium, copper, cadmium, lead, and mercury. The potential for the metals to leach into the groundwater poses a threat to the environment and ultimately, to us.

It’s important to enjoy our holiday gifts and celebrations with family and dear friends. After the celebrations, let’s remind ourselves to give the gift of caring for our planet by recycling and living mindfully. For more ideas on living green contact us today.

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