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3 Cool DIY Crafts Using Plastic Bottles

Living an environmentally friendly life can be done in many different ways. Some people compost, some garden, and some do arts and crafts! Even though you may have a reusable water bottle, sometimes when you’re on the go or in the office you find yourself needing the services of disposable plastic bottles instead. While you could chuck the bottle in a nearby recycle bin, this is also a great opportunity to give that bottle a new life. Here are a few great DIY crafts with recycled bottles to try out. You can use them to decorate your Western National apartment after!

1. Light-Catching Spiral Mobiles

Take a plastic bottle and start cutting it in a spiral. You can make one wide spiral or dozens of little spirals. Because they come from something round, each spiral will keep its spring. Next, lightly paint the bottle sections however you want and hang them as spinning mobiles that catch the light in your window. There are dozens of spiral designs you can cut out and plenty of types of bottles to experiment with to find your favorite design.

2. “Stained Glass” Chips for Mosaics

If you like mosaic art, translucent colorful plastic bottles serve a unique purpose. Cut them into little squares and mosaic tile shapes to use for beautiful “stained glass” art later on. Cover a glass bottle in plastic chips for a unique double-recycled look or layer them in a frame to catch the light in your window.

3. Hanging Garden Planters

Last but not least, you can make a beautiful hanging or windowsill garden with plastic bottles. Try out a peek-a-boo bottle made by cutting out the center and leaving two or three “posts” with a canopy of bottle on top. You can also cut a square into a bottle or turn it sideways with the cap on to make a trough garden. It’s up to you! You can even hang bottles on top of each other for a vertical garden of greenery in your window.

So many materials can be recycled to make your apartment a more beautiful place, from plastic bottles to aluminum foil. Looking for an apartment community that loves green living as much as you do? Contact us today.

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