variety of herbs in a windowsill plant garden

Plant a Windowsill Herb Garden

One of our favorite ways to go green is by planting and caring for our own produce. Of course, not everyone has the time or space to tend a full-sized garden, which is why growing a windowsill herb garden in your apartment is the perfect starting point for inspiring gardeners. Your windowsill herb garden will add culinary delights to your cooking, add color to your home, and clean the air!

Read on to learn how to plant your very own windowsill herb garden!



Choosing Your Herbs

Some herbs are easier to grow indoors than others. Try planting thyme, basil, oregano, sage, cilantro, dill, or rosemary. If you are choosing to plant annual herbs, start them from seed. Since perennial herbs have a longer growing period, they are easier to care for if you begin with a plant.


Pick A Planter

Each herb will have different needs, so plant them in separate pots. You can buy planters with divided sections that allow you to have them all in one container. Ensure your planter has drainage holes and a waterproof base. You can use one large planter, but try to make sure your herbs all require similar nutrition and lighting.


Start Planting

If you are going to plant seeds, invest in a good seed starting mix. You can buy this from a plant nursery or even Wal-mart. The packet will tell you how far apart to plant and how deep to sow. It will also tell you what temperature is best for your herbs to germinate and grow properly. When growing herbs indoors, opt for dwarf versions.


Caring For Your Windowsill Herb Garden

The best place to put your herbs is near a south facing window or door that gets lots of sunshine. Fluorescent lights can help if you are limited on where to place them. Provide adequate water, but don’t soak the soil, and don’t let your leaves touch cold glass. If your plants start getting “leggy,” just pinch off those trailing portions. Fertilize every two weeks with a general fertilizer.


Enjoy Your Fresh Herbs

Use scissors to snip off as much of the herb as you need. These plants will continue to regrow for quite a while. Sprinkle them in salads, on fresh soup, or use them to season unforgettable dishes. Fresh always tastes better, and this method will save you money down the road!

If you would like more tips about going green in your apartment, please contact us!

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