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4 Ways to Pick Up Litter That Keep Your Hands Clean

When you go on a relaxing walk, enjoying the clear skies and the trees overhead, it can be unpleasant to see litter on the ground. A candy bar wrapper in the grass, an empty can in the gutter — these things can disrupt the joy and beauty of your outdoor time. You can regain that peace of mind when you pick up litter. But who wants to use their hands for such a task?

As part of Western National‘s green lifestyle initiative, today we’re spotlighting our four favorite ways to pick up litter without getting your hands dirty.

1. A Nut Gatherer

A nut gatherer is a flexible rolling basket. If you’ve ever seen pecan chestnut trees, then you know that a lot of nuts hit the ground and you can’t pick them all up by hand. A nut gatherer stretches around the nuts and pops them into the basket. You can do the same with small pieces of trash, gathering them in your rolling basket as you walk.

2. Walk with Ski Poles

Ski poles or trash sticks have a spike on the bottom that pierces trash and lets you pop it into the nearest trashcan or bag. If you’re a power-walker who hates to see litter on your nature walks, bring a ski pole or two. Pierce the trash as you go and shake it into the nearest wastebasket.

3. Grabber Tool

Grabber tools have been around since we were kids — although then they were shaped like sharks or dinosaurs. But they’re not just for the young. Get yourself a grabber arm at the nearest toy store or order one online to grab one piece of trash at a time in the coolest way possible.

4. Carry a Large Magnet

Want to pick up weird, interesting, valuable litter on your walk? Carry a large magnet facing the ground. You’ll pull up anything that’s ferrous, meaning it some iron or other magnetic-responsive metals in it.

Know Your Trash Stops

Finally, know where your trashcans are along your usual walking routes. This will make it easier to strategize your litter collecting and your drops without hassle along the way.

As you pick up trash along your walk, remember to recycle what you can! Living green is an everyday thing. To find an apartment community in tune with your eco-friendly values, contact us today.

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