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4 Paper Product Replacements to Become More Eco-Friendly

Paper is one thing people love to use up, yet it cuts down tons of trees a year. According to the Ecology Global Network, nearly 4 billion trees are cut down in one year purely to make paper products, with the United States having one of the highest consumption rates. The world cannot sustain this with paper usage growing every year.

You’ll find that you use paper products all throughout your home. Toilet paper, paper towels, books, magazines, and so much more are consumed every day by the average home buyer. But you can become more eco-friendly by choosing alternative sources. In fact, all of these products can be replaced for a greener lifestyle.

Recycled Paper Products

Paper towels and toilet paper are very easy products to make with recycled material. That’s why a lot of companies are doing it including Who Gives a Crap and Seventh Generation. It’s time to reuse all of those materials that you’ve been recycling for years.

Paper Products Made with Sustainable Resources

Paper products can be made with other organic resources than trees. Bamboo and hemp are both fast-growing alternatives used to make paper products. These resources are much more sustainable because they do not need as many resources like water and land to be produced. They also grow much faster than trees.

Reusable Napkins and Tissue

Napkins and tissues can be replaced entirely with cloth options. Handkerchiefs and cloth napkins can be used, washed, and reused over and over. Actually, you can even make your own handkerchiefs and napkins out of old clothing.

Electronic Alternatives

Once upon a time we could only receive and read things on paper. Now, of course, this can be done online. All of your bills and bank statements can be sent to your e-mail with a click of a button. Invitations can be made digitally and delivered via e-mail. Books and magazines can all be bought and read on any device.

We can cut back on a lot of deforestation in the world by simply replacing these everyday products. If you would like to find out more ways to live eco-friendly, contact us today! We’re happy to aid you towards a greener lifestyle.

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