An antique table being sanded so that it can be refinished for new furnishings

Give Your Old Furnishings a Second (Eco-Friendly) Life

It’s all too easy to just pitch furnishings in the trash when they’ve seemingly outworn they’re usefulness.

However, a little creativity can go a long way, as you keep trash out of landfills and make the best possible use out of your resources. 

Try out these tips and give your household items a second chance:

Revitalize Old Furnishings

You can easily find thousands of resources online about how to transform your old “blah” pieces of furniture into fresh new statement pieces. Here are some jumping-off points to get you started:

  • An old chair: Try a new slipcover, cushion, or coat of paint to give a worn chair an updated look.
  • An old couch/sofa: Again, a new slipcover can make a world of difference. Or try a bunch of gorgeous throw pillows to enliven your sitting environment. Both of these options are a lot more environmentally-friendly than discarding your old couch… and they’re also a lot less damaging to the natural resources that would be used to make a brand-new couch.
  • An old table: Refinish your old table with low-VOC or no-VOC paints. Or, purchase 3 or 4 tablecloths that you can rotate seasonally to create a changing tablescape and cover up the scratched and nicked surface that’s developed over the years.
  • An old dresser or set of drawers: Buy on-trend replacement knobs, and/or refinish the surface with environmentally-friendly varnish. 

When in Doubt Donate or Consign

If you really can’t bring yourself to keep that piece of old furniture, then find a way of getting it into someone else’s hands.

Check with your local secondhand stores to see if they offer pickup services. If you can’t squeeze the furnishing into your vehicle, the store or charity may be able to send a truck over to pick it up.

You can possibly even find a way to make some spare money off your old treasures. Look for a furniture consignment store that might actually pay cash for your previously-loved pieces.

Find More Ways to Give Your Old Furnishings a Second Life

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