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Support Green Nonprofits in California

If you’re living on the beautiful West Coast, you know how important it is to support the environment. Doing little things each and every day (like reducing paper waste) is essential. But perhaps you’ve been wondering how to have an even greater impact. Here are four nonprofits in California that you can support, either online or through socially-distanced volunteering. These organizations are all doing great work every day to preserve California’s beautiful outdoors.

1. Environment California

Environment California is a state chapter of the national nonprofit Environment America. They perform research as well as outreach and education on environmental issues that affect us both locally and globally. Their work centers on conserving wildlife, researching renewable resources, curbing climate change, keeping our air and water clean, and so much more. You can help out by signing petitions or donating today.

2. Sierra Club

The Sierra Club was established in part by American historical icon John Muir back in 1892. Nearly one hundred thirty years later, this environmental nonprofit is still going strong, working to conserve the natural landscape around us for years to come. Find out the many ways you can support this local and deeply historical initiative here.

3. TreePeople

TreePeople is a nonprofit focused on building a greener and more sustainable Los Angeles. They work with the LA community to conserve natural water sources, nurture environmental education, and maintain green spaces in the urban area and beyond. Visit their website to support their work, whether it be by signing up to volunteer, donating, or even planting a tree in your yard.

4. Sustainable Conservation

As the name suggests, this California nonprofit is devoted to sustainably conserving natural resources throughout the state. They focus primarily on water, ensuring that our citizens and our environment have access to the fresh water we all need to survive. This work, of course, is more important now than ever. You can support their work when you donae via their website.

Want to join an apartment community that’s as environmentally conscious as you are? Contact us to learn more. Also, be sure to visit our blog after you’ve checked out these nonprofits in California for more sustainability tips and ideas!

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