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5 No-Waste Recipes to Try at Home

Throwing out leftovers always feels like doing something wrong. Surely there’s some use for that last spear of broccoli or that last shred of steak trimmings! It’s a shame to let good food go bad, even if you don’t have a whole recipe planned to use all the random bits left after each previous recipe was complete.

Believe it or not, you can make these things into a tasty meal to enjoy at your Western National apartment. So how do you cook and recook leftovers into something delicious to eat? Here are five great no-waste recipes that can work with almost anything you’ll find in your fridge.

1. Egg Scrambles and Breakfast Muffins

Make breakfast! Omelets, egg scrambles, and blended egg-muffins (great for on-the-go) are a great place to throw produce and meats that are still good — just not pretty.  Scrambles blend the flavors beautifully into a savory and extremely healthy breakfast choice, and there are so many ways to cook them.

2. Beef Hash

Beef hash is one of the best ways to use the ends of steak and other cuts. Starts with a savory gravy and stew your leftovers together into something new. If you add cabbage, it becomes the traditional Bubble and Squeak leftover breakfast of the UK. Traditional hash is made from beef ends, potato, and gravy, but you can throw in all sorts of vegetable ends and any cut of chewy meat to make this a delicious leftover-disguising meal.

3. Pasta Bake Casserole

Do you have some pasta and a lot of cheese ends? That dry cheese at the end of any packet doesn’t have to go to waste. Neither do the random bits of lunch meat and vegetables in your fridge. Mix it all up into a cheesy pasta-bake casserole (or switch to cornbread or rice if you prefer) and serve it to the whole family.

4. Kitchen Sink Soup

You can also boil just about anything into a delicious meal with the right mix of spices. You might try a tasty lentil and beef tip soup, or add your leftover veggies for a twist on a classic chicken and rice soup. Season to taste and you’d be amazed what can disappear into a tasty kitchen sink soup.

5. Boil Bone Broth

You can even make use of bones and carcasses without throwing them away. Are you sitting on rotisserie chicken remains after the meat is used up? Slow-boil it for a few hours to extract those excellent proteins and cartilage in the bone marrow with a homemade bone broth.

If you’re currently hunting for an apartment community that understands your love of no-waste recipes and all things green living, from cooking to crafting, contact us today.

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