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How to Get Around Town With No Gasoline

Are you looking for fun and sustainable ways to get around? Western National has a few suggestions! Here are a few ways to cruise around with less gas.

1. Ride a Bicycle

Leave your car in the garage or parking lot and take your bicycle out for daily errands. For destinations that are not far away, or if you’re only shopping for small to medium loads, you can get fit and exhilarated by pedaling where you need to go. Bicycling is also a great way to learn the roads and routes around your home. Navigate more aptly in the car and on foot after exploring your entire local region from the seat of your bicycle.

2. Drive an Electric or Hybrid Car

Switch to a car that can run entirely on electric power. Electric cars are great for getting around town. While the range might be limited, they are perfect for commuting and running errands. Many hybrid cars now offer an efficient enough electric engine to go without gasoline for short trips. Gas only comes into play when you need to go high speeds, long distances, or make a sharp change in velocity.

3. Coast on an Electric Scooter

Looking for a trendy and pedestrian way to get around? Try an electric scooter. Electric scooters often fold into backpack size and weight. You can charge them overnight while you’re at work or in class. Then scoot along to your next errand or appointment without using a single drop of gas.

4. Go for a Brisk Walk

Last but not least, don’t forget that you can still walk from place to place — no gasoline required. Take in the fresh air and walk briskly or leisurely based on when you need to be at your destination.

Can you get around with no gasoline? Absolutely. To find an apartment community as excited about green energy as you are, contact us today.

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