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Easy Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

As January rolls around, many of us create New Year’s resolutions to follow throughout the year. This is a great time to dedicate yourself to greener living. For some ideas on attainable (and sustainable) resolutions, follow these suggestions to live an eco-friendly lifestyle right from your apartment. 

1. Clean Without Creating More Trash

Cleaning is an important part of keeping up your apartment. However, often a lot of garbage is created when all you did was wipe down a surface or do the dishes. Items that can help reduce your waste and still keep your home clean are reusable cloths or bamboo paper towels. You can also use other items made of wood or bamboo that can be composted when you’re finished with them. Finally, you’ll want to avoid synthetics in your kitchen to reduce microplastics that are harmful to both your body and the environment.  

2. Refuse Plastic

Be prepared to refuse plastics from restaurants, grocery stores, and other places. With the rise in popularity of takeout, the use of plastic utensils and bags is also on the rise. You can prepare yourself easily by bringing your own straw, bag, and utensils with you when you go to pick up your takeout meal. This is very easy with foldable items that don’t take up much space in your bag. 

3. Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Your beauty routine can now help the planet. All you need to do is switch from using single-use time such as wipes and cotton balls to reusable alternatives. For example, check out these reusable, washable rounds instead. When it comes to the products themselves, you’ll want to avoid micro-beads often found in exfoliating lotions and washes. Instead, look for organic and eco-friendly products

Following New Year’s resolutions to live a greener lifestyle is easy with these simple tips. Here at Western National Property Management, we are more than happy to help you with your resolutions. Check out our blog or contact us for more eco-friendly lifestyle tips. 

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