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Going Green Room-by-Room: Creating a Nature-Friendly Living Room

Making changes to live a more sustainable life can be overwhelming. There are so many ways you can reduce waste and energy use in your home that it can be difficult to know if you’re doing everything you can.

Luckily, we can help you take this one room at a time to help keep you moving toward your best, most sustainable lifestyle.

The living room is one of the most-used spaces in the house. It’s important that it’s not sucking up unnecessary energy! Here are a few tips and tricks on how you create a more nature-friendly living room that you’ll love!

Storage Space and Lighting

There’s no reason saving energy can’t fit your personal style in a nature-friendly living room. Make use of shelving or storage ottomans to keep extra blankets around.

In fact, having extra blankets on hand during the cold months will keep you from getting up to turn up the heat. This will help you save energy and money without taking up any more space.

Also, update your favorite lighting fixtures to CFL or LED bulbs to save energy. These bulbs also last far longer than their energy-sucking alternatives, which will save you trips to the store and even more money.

Buy from Sustainable Sources

With the rise in popularity of sustainable lifestyles, more and more companies are getting in on the trend. A lot of furniture or decor can be purchased from companies that value sustainability.

In fact, this site has a great list of furniture companies that keep the Earth in mind. Additionally, you can always go thrifting or search online selling sources for unique finds.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, buying bamboo furniture is always a great way to ensure your furniture comes from a sustainable source. Bamboo grows in abundance with little care and water, making it one of the ultimate options for sustainability 

It looks great, is reasonably priced, and can be found easily on Amazon!


Reclaiming furniture, upcycling old or unused items, or making something from scratch can be one of the most fun ways to help the planet. These types of projects can take a quick half-hour or can even take several days. They can be done alone or with loved ones, which is a great way to spend your time.

Once your project is finished, you get to experience the satisfaction of having accomplished something and created something new. Plus, if anyone compliments the item, you get to tell them you made it!

Sometimes furniture that is on its last leg can be taken apart. Ornate drawers can be repurposed into bins. Hardware can be removed and used on another piece of furniture. 


As always, donate items you no longer want so someone else can use the furniture until it’s worn to a point that it can’t be used anymore. Furniture is usually built to last a long time, so there’s almost always something productive to be done with unwanted furniture before considering putting it out on the curb.

Learn More About a Nature-Friendly Living Room

Living in comfort with your own style doesn’t necessitate sacrificing the well-being of the Earth. Comfort and style can be achieved while saving energy and getting full use out of furniture and decor.

If you have any questions about our properties or living your greenest life, contact us today.

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