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4 Natural Cleaning Products for Every Green Household

Home cleaning is an important part of any routine. You clean the stove after making an intense recipe, spot-clean stains on your clothes, and polish the fixtures. It’s all part of keeping a tidy home. However, those cleaning chemicals you use aren’t always great for the environment. Fortunately, you don’t need as much liquid bleach and spray-cleaner as you might think. With a few natural products, you can keep your home sparkling without the harsh chemicals. Here are Western National‘s 4 favorite natural cleaning products that you can probably already find in your cabinets.  

1. White Vinegar

White vinegar may not be your favorite cooking ingredient, but it’s one of the best possible natural cleaning solutions if you’re looking for a non-toxic sparkle. Vinegar breaks down scale, also known as water spots, on everything from your faucet chrome to your dishwasher nozzles. It’s a great stain remover, cleanser, and fights back against kitchen bacteria. Many homemade cleaning mixtures start with white vinegar, or you can just dilute some with water and put it in a spray bottle.

2. Borax Powder

If you haven’t heard of borax powder, it’s the greatest natural scrubbing powder on the market. Safe on glass and non-stick pans, Borax is a type of salt that is sharp on a molecular level. It actually destroys microbiology like algae, mold, and some bacteria because of its sharp particles — even when dissolved in water. A shake of borax in the dishes or laundry can work wonders, while a layer of borax is great for scrubbing the stovetop without damaging glass or enamel.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a well-known home remedy for cleaning. It’s especially good at removing stains and odors from laundry and reacts with vinegar to create a fizzy chemical reaction that cleans what it touches. Baking soda and vinegar can be used both to freshen laundry and to clear out a clogged drain.

4. Olive Oil

Last but not least, olive oil is a go-to for green households. It’s good in food, skin, and hair, and it also makes a great natural polish for wood and metal. Olive oil can reinvigorate wood furniture, wall panels, and tabletops without the risks of chemical polish.

You don’t have to mix your own laundry soap to green up your home cleaning. In fact, you might have these natural cleaning products already. Contact us for more green living ideas and opportunities.

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