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4 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Mother Nature

Love is in the air this spring. As trees begin to bud their first green leaves and birds start new nests, many people are thinking about romance. But what about love for nature itself? Here are four fun little ways to say “I love you” to mother nature this season, brought to you by Western National.

1. Hang Bird Feeders

You may be seeing more and more birds around this time of year or hearing them chirp from inside your apartment. Hanging bird feeders can help feed the local bird population healthy, nourishing seeds and encourage new baby birds.

2. Spread Wildflower Seeds

Let there be flowers! Wildflower bombs have become popular in the gardening community. Take these fun shapes of packed soil and seeds and throw them into any open field or roadside grassy strip. Sprinkle packets of wildflower seeds wherever you go and you’ll soon see beautiful blooms in every direction.

3. Pick Up Trash on Your Path

Picking up the trash you pass on your daily route is just another little way you can say “I love you” to mother nature. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, pick up some trash on a scenic hike or nature walk.

4. Grow Food Plants for Local Animals

Plant varieties of herbs, flowers, and grass that feed the local ecosystem this Spring. Choose grasses that produce seeds for birds or flowers that provide pollen for bees and hummingbirds. When you grow food, you provide the necessary resources to continue living surrounded by birds, squirrels, and friendly bees.

From cooking with fresh spring produce to picking up trash, there are so many ways to show mother nature you care. To find a community that loves mother nature as much as you do, contact us today.

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