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Try These Low-Waste Alternatives in The Bathroom

Going green in your bathroom can seem a bit daunting, since most bathroom products are single-use, or come packaged in plastic. However, after reading the list below, you will see how a few simple changes can significantly reduce your bathroom waste and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are our favorite low-waste alternatives for the bathroom:

Dental Care

Instead of plastic toothbrushes, opt for a bamboo toothbrush that comes in cardboard packaging. Replace your tube of toothpaste and bottle of mouthwash with tablets, like Bite toothpaste bits and Georganics mouthwash tablets


Switch to bar soaps wherever possible. Take a regular bar of soap and using a razor or knife, cut it into smaller soap chips to be used instead of liquid soap. Lush has bar soaps for face, body, shampoo, and conditioner. A great plus about this company is that all of their products come in as much green packaging as possible.


Ditch your plastic razor for a reusable, metal safety razor. When the blade becomes dull, you just put on a new one and keep using the same razor housing. For shaving cream, try Lush’s shaving creams, which come in reusable containers. These containers are recyclable, but you can also bring five empty ones back to a Lush store to get a free face mask, and the containers will be reformed into new ones for future use.

Cotton Swabs

A new product available online now is The Last Swab, essentially a reusable swab to replace single-use versions.  It is made of silicone and therefore is washable and can be used for years.


There are even several options for bathroom deodorization.  Potpourri in a decorative bowl, reed diffusers in fragranced oil, or simply lighting matches are all great choices instead of aerosol sprays.

Some people go the extra mile and make many of these alternatives at home with simple natural recipes for a fraction of the cost you would pay for them at the store. Contrary to popular belief, going green actually saves you money, mostly for the simple fact that you are consuming less and therefore, spending less as well.

For more eco-friendly information and low-waste alternatives, check out our blog. If you are interested in green living in an eco-friendly community, contact us today!

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