Natural Product To Scrub, Brighten & Whiten!

Our generation has witnessed vast improvements in environmental protection. Green living is finally a mainstream concept, and all across the country people are working to lessen their impact. From the cars we drive, to the way we produce food, the Eco-friendly lifestyle is catching on. All too often though, we ignore one of the easiest ways to make a much larger difference, and it all comes down to what we put through our drains.

Think about how many chemicals the average person has in their home. Even environmentally conscious individuals may be using more than they realize. Of course, it is easy to call out the obvious culprits. Drain opener, harsh cleansers, and detergents have been drawing attention to water quality problems for years. However, hygiene products we use daily tend to be forgotten. A quick glance at your bathroom articles may leave you hard-pressed to find a product that does not contain synthetic fragrance, sodium laurel sulfate, or parabens. All of these chemicals end up being washed from our bodies and disappearing down our drains, eventually ending up in our rivers and oceans. However, we live in a society where personal hygiene is very important. So how can we reconcile our environmental footprint with our desire for clean homes and bodies?

Fortunately, there is an all natural product that can replace many of the synthetic chemicals we currently use. This one ingredient can scrub, deodorize, whiten, brighten, freshen and polish. It can be used to clean just about anything, including carpets, dishes, furniture, laundry, and ourselves. It can be used both externally, and internally, and poses no risk to the environment, kids, or pets. The best part of all? You probably already have it in your apartment, right now. Yes, I am talking about baking soda.

No truly Eco-friendly apartment home should be without a substantial supply of baking soda. Using baking soda for your laundry and dishes will enable you to use far less detergent to achieve great results. Regular use of baking soda in your drains will keep them flowing fast, without harsh corrosives. Baking soda can be used in the shower to leave hair, face and body detoxified, deodorized, and exfoliated. It can be used alone, or with peroxide as a whitening toothpaste, and a dusting of baking soda on a dry body after bathing can keep you deodorized for hours. It may seem old fashioned, but replacing just a few hygiene and/or cleaning products in your apartment with baking soda will reduce the amount of chemicals washed out to sea. Best of all, the results you can get with baking soda will give you a sparkling green home.

The staff at Western National Property Management takes great pride in our Eco-friendly apartments. Our friendly, knowledgeable professionals are always happy to assist you in your search for the perfect apartment home to fit your environmentally responsible lifestyle. Contact us to see how we can help you get into your new home today.

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