Environmentally-Friendly Apartment Tips

Like many people in the United States, you care about green living and the environment. Here are a few ways Western National Apartments can help you be eco-friendly.

Simply Living in an Apartment

By living in an apartment you are helping the environment! According to EcoSeed, a site for green news and the “Information Bridge to Tomorrow’s Economy”:

    • Apartments are smaller than most single family housing and denser living. More people on less land equals more green spaces.
    • People in apartments buy less. Less stuff = less to throw away and many more opportunities to re-purpose items you already own.
    • Apartment homes, especially those managed by Western National Apartments, are maintained vigilantly. We prevent problems before they happen and fix any issues right away.

Ceiling Fans

Many Western National Apartments have ceiling fans. Not only are they stylish, they are green, green, green! Per the Environmental Protection Agency“Ceiling fans are a useful alternative to help keep you cool while reducing or eliminating the need to use air conditioning. Typically a ceiling fan consumes much less electricity than does a central air conditioner.”

Wh-what? Turn off the AC in this heat?! Well, ceiling fans can be used year round. Fans in the winter? Yes! Heat rises, but you don’t live on your ceilings. Ceiling fans push down the warm air where you do live — your sofas, your beds and your baths.

And for warmer weather, using a ceiling fan can make you feel 4-5 degrees cooler, so you can turn up the temperature on that precious air conditioner so it does not need to work as hard, saving energy and money.


Common appliances/amenities in our apartments are dishwashers. Home improvement legend Bob Vila and colleagues, implore you to stop washing dishes by hand: “You’ll save money every month using an energy-efficient dishwasher.” You can save $35 and a whole lotta water (as well as your time). Dishwashers use just the right amount of water — and water that is too hot for human hands — so your dishes are cleaner, faster.

With Western National Apartments, you can’t go wrong. Contact us to get a jumpstart on living the green life, today.

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