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Live Green by Repurposing these 3 Popular Items!

The majority of items you purchase every day can be reused or repurposed. It’s easy to just throw something in the trash when you’re done with it. However, would you still be doing this if you knew how to turn that trash into useful everyday objects or cheap gifts, all while becoming a greener household? You can live green by repurposing your most common items.

Also, repurposing the things you would normally throw away can actually be a super fun, rewarding process. You save money and can even turn them into a fun art project with the kids. Although, we all know adults love art projects as well!


Glass jars are a great household object to repurpose. They cannot be recycled everywhere and they last forever. Use your old jars to store your own recipes (such as sauces), homemade cashew milk, or anything you feel like pickling.

Jars can also be turned into decoration. Paint them to make cute vases, utensils holders, or drinking cups. It’s very trendy right now to use old jars in wedding centerpieces and as party decor as well.

Candle Containers

Candles usually come in glass containers, making them very similar to jars. It’s surprisingly easy to get leftover wax from a candle out of the glass container. Once the wax is so low that your candle won’t burn anymore, simply stick it in the freezer for 24 hours, chisel the wax away with a butter knife, and wash the container.

With your cleaned-out glass container, use your imagination. They usually make really nice drinking glasses or cups to hold things like cotton balls. The huge containers that have the suction lids with them are perfect candy or sugar jars for your kitchen countertop.

Old Clothes

Do you know how much clothing gets thrown into landfills each year? According to the Huffington Post, the average person will throw away 81 pounds of clothing this year. We could drastically decrease this number by simply repurposing our clothes.

T-shirts can be turned into reusable shopping bags by cutting off the sleeves and neckline to make handles and cutting vertical notches in the bottom hem to tie them off, closing the inside. Old shoes can be repurposed as pots for plants, which is super cute! Socks missing its pair can be used as a cleaning mitt to get in between blinds or other difficult-to-dust places.

Becoming a green household is much more simple and a lot of fun with these creative ways to repurpose. There are so many other tips to repurpose the things you would normally throw away. Simply use your imagination!

Also, remember to recycle anything that you can’t repurpose.

If you would like more ideas on how to live green by repurposing objects, contact us today! We’re happy to help you lead a greener life.

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